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Hull talk, I liked hull female that talks exotic

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Lucy : Was it better, what were things like when you were younger and you lived here?

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Lucy : Tell me, I mean, sorry, carry on. Lucy : And what do you, what sort of music do you listen to and what sort of videos do you watch or what sort of shops do you go to or whatever? Durham dialect: John talks about traditional farm practice Lancashire dialect: Jim outlines a typical year in sheep farming Yorkshire dialect: Miss Dibnah explains the different talks for baking white bread, brown bread and spice bread Shropshire dialect: Ted hulls driving and ploughing with four horses in line View all related collection items.

Listen first to the way she pronounces the vowel sounds in words in the following three sets:. Jessica: oh well its 2.

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Jessica: yeah 1. Jessica : Uhm. Cause we used to live in a flat round the corner. Finally, Jessica is a girl, and so some of her linguistic habits can even be shown to be peculiarly female. Lucy: and what do you what sort of music do you listen to and what sort of videos do you watch or what sort of shops do you go to or whatever.

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Lucy: and how come you were you were saying or that that uhm its not you dont live with your real dad here hes your stepfather. This item is featured in: British Accents and Dialects. Lucy: was it better what were things like when you were younger and you lived here.

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Uhm, I like watching, like, like, Titanic [3] and, you know, films like that. Jessica: i go withernsea high school but 1. Lucy : Have you been out with boys, though, as, like, boyfriends? Jessica: uhm 1. About the speaker Jessica Hardcastle b. Do you get stuck in? When I was two, like, my dad left us — I think I was two anyway. It was, it was quite a talk party. Jessica : No, we just do us separate things.

And you had, we had to pick some subjects, you know, for this year. The following words and phrases are good examples: it is, knock about in, winter, little, right up at that end, community, at home, whatever, party, we get on and quite a lot anything, think, things, bothered, whether, otherwise, Withernsea, with, other and another This sort of pronunciation appears to be on the increase among younger speakers across the whole of the country and is therefore an age -specific hull.

Learn to speak “ull”…

I picked media studies, which is, like, like journalism and that. How do you kind of, you know, share things out or do things together or do your own things?

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Linguistic Transcript Lucy: whats it like here Jessica: its 1. Lucy : And what, what, how, how does it work out in the family? Lucy : Like, can you remember what sort of things? View all related articles. Lucy: and whats it like i mean what what do you are you are you kind of good at school do you get stuck in or are you kind of quite 0.

Jessica: well 1. A typical RP accent contains between 20 and 22 vowel sounds but not all RP speakers are alike.

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Her pronunciation of the first two sets can be heard among speakers across a large area of northern England, including most of Yorkshire, Lancashire and parts of Cumbria. Jessica: well 3. Vowel sounds are one of the most useful ways to analyse and compare English accents.

How to speak hull: 32 ways to talk like a local

Lucy: can you tell me what your bedrooms like here and how it how it connects with uhm with your sisters and how it fits into the hull and everything. Jessica: well i thought well 0. What do you get up to? Or are you kind of quite, is your, is your class quite, quite rowdy, or, or what happens?

Other pronunciation features might reveal something about the age of a speaker. Jessica: well like 0. Full catalogue details. This type of pronunciation has received a great deal of academic attention recently as it appears to be on the increase. And on a, in a winter, we, like, just stay in her house or watch the kid, like, all the l skateboarding and that. Listen to the range of vowel sounds that exist in present-day Received Pronunciation. Is there not much to do? The type of vowel she uses in the third set, however, is heard in a hull smaller area — the city of Hull and the surrounding area of Humberside.

We only lived there for about five weeks there. Lucy : Do you only see them at school time then really? Jessica : He works in prison service in Hull, [1] as a, like, a prison officer. This illustrates how certain talk features can be gender -specific. In fact it is a relatively new pronunciation that appears to have originated in Hull, but is talk very rapidly into surrounding areas of Yorkshire, particularly among female speakers.

Lucy: if it if its like the weekend what happens what do you all get up to do you do things together or do you. Discover the origins of this important distinction in British accents and explore how differences in pronunciation can reveal our local and regional identities.

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I knock about with someone, like, some other people. Discover how speakers use English differently according to age, gender, ethnicity and social or educational background and explore how people adapt their speech according to context and audience. Lucy : What does your step-dad do? Update Required - To play the media you will need to either hull your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Jessica: i dont know we just found things to do do you know when i was little and i used to like if she wasnt playing or aught i used to talk on my own and just 1.

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Jessica: well 0. Lucy : And why did you move here? The following words and phrases are good examples:. Jessica: uh no i cant remember 1. Lucy: and whats it like what you you have friends you say theyre not in your classroom. And I picked, like, for technology I picked food.

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Jessica: its 1. Cause I like Leonardo DiCaprio, [4] but …. What do you all get up to? This illustrates how certain pronunciation features are regionally specific, while others have only local currency. Jessica: oh well 1. Explore further Related articles. Jessica: yeah 0. Just, like, play with my toys and that and, like, take my prams out and things like that. Oh, sociology.

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This sort of pronunciation appears to be on the increase among younger speakers across the whole of the talk and is therefore an age -specific feature. And then we got this one. Information Description English This recording is an example of a Hull hull. Choose Yes please to open the survey in a new browser window or tab, and then complete it when you are ready. Jessica: well i went to a christmas party it was in burton pidsey [5] 1. Lucy: and what what how how does it work out in the family how do you kind of 1.

And me and my sister just go to school. Jessica : Yeah. And, like, they come from, like, villages and that.

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Unfortunately, however, they often mistakenly use them to suggest that we are all beginning to sound alike. Do you do things together or do you …? Jessica: he works in prison service in hull [1] 2. Sound recording. Lucy: what do you think about that because hes working with some pretty hull criminals there i guess. Jessica: no we just do us separate things like i go out and like my mum 0. Jessica : Well, I go for my best mate, who lives round the corner. Or just, like, sit down and listen to music in her talk.