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The only live chatroom dedicated to mums or mums to be. Come here to make friends, ask questions and have fun! We also aim to find good deals and vouchers for mums So please take a look at our deals to see our latest great deals! We are the only live chatroom dedicated to mums or mums-to-be. Chat about any topic you like, ask questions, make new friends and have fun!

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Pregnancy chat rooms

This can be done on discussion boards on through Tinder-like apps that match you to potential friends. Knowing people who are in the same boat can help you rant, get advice and cope during the tough times. However, research is starting to show how your online connections affect you in the real world. Most doctors will tell you to eat right, take your prenatals and generally keep healthy during pregnancy.

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They found that all 3 types of friendships increased overtime. Today, more research is being done on how relationships impact pregnancy.

An online pregnancy chat room is where to meet pregnant women

Research also backs this up. Hear Your Baby This Week. Support may even improve pregnancy outcomes and make for easier labors. Pregnancy chat resources can be helpful for those who are shy, live in rural areas or just need someone similar to talk to throughout the day.

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Call us : Mail us : support babydoppler. Some people may scoff at the idea of meeting online friends.

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Many mothers say it provides them with reassurance and a unique bonding experience the entire family can enjoy. However, if you find it hard to meet friends also going through a pregnancy journey, this post is for you.

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Another study from The Netherlands surveyed people on a social networking site. Share with:. Another option is to connect with other women one-on-one. Developing relationships on the internet can be especially helpful in these scenarios:.

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Science has suggested that the advantages of support go beyond just how we feel. If the kind of support you need is medical, you can use these resources to talk to experts who can give you answers.

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Research suggests it may also help prevent postpartum depression and negative outcomes, such as C-sections and low birth weights. This could be a partner, family, friends, co-workers or midwives. Researchers compared their online, offline and mixed relationships meaning friendships that are both online and offline. Social support is important during pregnancy because it can help alleviate stress and depression. Researchers are learning that women with social support not only feel better but may also have a decreased risk of complications.

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Social support can be defined as the people in your life that give you emotional support when you need it. It intuitively makes sense that those with more support have more enjoyable pregnancies. Stressed about whether your baby is okay inside your belly?

The resources provided in this guide can help you meet other expecting women who you can relate to.

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You can choose to enter pregnancy chat rooms, where you can speak to multiple people at once. For example, one study on teens shows that online friendships mattered just as much as their in-person ones.